Basil Cat Nip Jar

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Basil Catnip is a handy way to add the essence of catnip to virtually any item. Its unique scent attracts and refreshes your cat for a session of exciting playful time and gets rid of boredom and depression. Refresh old toys, sprinkle them on a scratcher or use it on anything else or any location where you want to attract your pet.  A pinch of this irresistible nip goes a long way.

Key Features:

  • 100 percent natural product and is completely harmless
  • Real catnip flakes add fresh fun to cat toys while encouraging appropriate scratching behavior
  • Aromatic and long-lasting scent stimulates playful behavior in many cats
  • Catnip is harvested and field-dried capturing the peak of flavor  

Cat toys - they’re attractive, they’re fun, and well, they sometimes excite the hooman more than the cat. Every cat has a favorite set of toys, be it balls, feather toys, squeaky toys, interactive wands etc. The best way to know your cats favorite toys is to allow them to choose which they’d like to play with - cats that have a high prey drive prefer chasing, pouncing, and running, and enjoy balls, feather toys, cat trees, agility courses, and treasure hunts. Contrarily, cats that enjoy focus over play, enjoy interactive toys, puzzles, scent work and so on. It is always best to give your cat a mic of both types of toys, i.e. one that exercises the body and one that challenges the brain. Most teaser cat toys that are bright and/or emit sounds that mimic sounds of prey, are loved by curious kittens since their ears are very receptive to new sounds, especially high-pitched ones. As is mental and physical exercise, so is relaxation - matatabi and catnip toys are increasingly popular for their benefit to a cat’s emotional well-being. 

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