Calibra Hepatic Dog

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Calibra Veterinary Diets Hepatic Complete Canine Dietetic Food

Calibra Dog Hepatic is a diet food developed in collaboration with veterinarians. It is a complete diet food for dogs based on rice and salmon. This food has a reduced protein and sodium content and is enriched with hydrolyzed protein and dried eggs. This food is suitable for supporting liver function if the liver is not working properly. Due to the high content of vitamins, FOS, MOS, zinc, L-carnitine, and silymarin, your dog’s liver function is supported.

Key Benefits:

  • Rice and salmon-based diet with reduced protein and reduced sodium diet
  • Enriched with hydrolyzed protein and dried eggs
  • The high content of vitamins, FOS, MOS, zinc, L-carnitine, and silymarin for the support of hepatic function
  • Positive improvement of clinical status by 85% of patients in the study
  • improvement of the food intake, activity, and condition by 11 out of 12 patient
  • Made in the Czech Republic

Recommended for:

support of liver function in case of chronic liver insufficiency


  • hepatic insufficiency and hepatic failure
  • hepatitis and hepatopathies
  • hepatic encephalopathy
  • portosystemic shunt
  • convalescence after intoxications