Calowries 150g

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This supplement from Vivaldis Animal Health is a natural enzyme-based product that helps convert unwanted fat cells to energy and boosts metabolism. Normally recommended for over-weight dogs & cats.

Unlike other obesity management products that work by reducing the intake of calories, this one helps in reducing weight by boosting metabolism and converting fat cells to energy, thus boosting activity level. Also acts as an appetite suppressant. Boosts fat burning into energy by mitochondria.

Contains Garcinia Cambogia extract known for its weight loss properties. Coenzyme Q10 plays an important part in boosting metabolism.

Natural enzyme based, steroid-free.

Ingredients: Each 10g contains Grcinia Cambogia 32mg, Lipase(50000 unit) 16mg, EnQ10 8mg, Excipient Q.S.

Country of Origin : India

Manufactured and Packed by : Vivaldis Pets