Capatin Zack Cheese Please

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Key Features

  • HEALTH BENEFITS- This Gluten Free and Grain Free cheese Treat packed with nutritional values has assured health benefits for your dogs. The treats are Rich in natural protein, minerals and omega 3. It enhances their digestion and keeps a check on their eye, hair, toenail and skin health. The treats have high calcium which is essential for the cartilage & bone health of your dog. The uneven and natural shape of the treats will maintain your dog's oral health by keeping its teeth clean.
  • NUTRITIONAL & IMMUNITY BOOSTER- Cheese Please-Himalayan Dental Chew Bars are fantastic low-calorie and High protein snacks packed with valuable nutrients, beneficial dietary fibre and Calcium that are good for puppies, adult dogs as well as ageing dogs. When chewed, the bar becomes softer and gives a dental cleaning action to control plaque and tartar. The chews help to keep the teeth white and control bad mouth odour.
  • 100% NATURAL-100% Natural & Human Grade cheese treats are made with the traditional process using milk from Himalayan Cows. These cheesy chew bars are preservative free that are made naturally by sun drying them for 35 days and are then smoked with a delicious distinct flavour. The positive nutrition and the yummy flavour will make your dog crave a cheesy snack.
  • INGREDIENTS- Yak/Cow’s milk (99.9%), Lime juice, Salt. Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein – minimum 60.0%, Fat content – minimum 5.0%, Ash content – maximum 5.0%, Fiber content – maximum 0.5%, Moisture content – maximum 10.0%
  • FEEDING GUIDE- These Chew Bars can be served straight out of the packet to your dog. What to do with the end pieces? Microwave them until you see them puffing. Depending on your dog‘s preference, you can also microwave the entire bar till it puffs. Allow them to cool completely after microwaving before you serve. The Time you need will depend on the power of your microwaves. Like any dog treat, please feed under supervision.