Sava vet Carodyl Tabs

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Savavet Carodyl – Carprofen is analgesic medicine for dogs. This helps reduce any inflammation and pain associated with any surgery or in general. This is of immense help in case of soft issues which is associated with osteoarthritis. Though you should always consult your vet before giving any medication to your pet the standard dosage for all adult dogs is 2mg per 453 grams of your dog’s body weight. The tablets are chewable so most dogs will take them willingly but if you are dog does not take medicines easily then Savavet can be mixed with food. You have to just keep one thing in mind the entire dose has to be consumed by the dog in one go.

Savavet Carodyl- Carprofen 25 mg suits most pets but do not give it if there is any previous case of hypersensitivity to carprofen as a product for your pet. If your dog suffers from any cardiac, behavioral, and anticonvulsant issues and is undergoing medications for it then please consult your vet before giving it Savavet. As with most medicines, this may also show side effects in some dogs. These may range from loss of appetite, and vomiting to increased water consumption and urination. If any of these symptoms persist then take him to a vet immediately.


  • Effective analgesia for all adult dogs
  • Especially helpful for post-orthopedic surgeries
  • Provides relief from osteoarthritis
  • Chewable tablets make it easy to feed
  • Type – Dog pain reliever
  • Composition – Carprofen chewable tablets-25 mg
  • Form – Tablet
  • Quantity – 10 tablets in 1 strip