Chappi Chicken & Rice Adult Dry Dog Food

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Chappi is complete and balanced nutrition for your adult dog, especially for dogs that are unable to digest food easily. It has a stable blend of low fat and dietary fiber that promotes healthy digestion.
Chappi dog food has been specially designed in a kibble form of food, encouraging chewing action which helps maintain good dental health and a healthy Musco-skeletal structure in dogs. By using wholegrain maize and wheat, Chappi ensures maximum nourishment.
Moreover, it contains a unique blend of rich digestible protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which as a part of a dog's balanced diet can help satisfy his energy needs throughout the day. Also, the fatty acids make their fur shiny and soft.

Key Features:

  • 100% Complete and balanced food for adult dogs
  • Contains a special blend of low fat and dietary fiber
  • Easily digestible for even the most sensitive dogs
  • A good source of protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids