FOFOS Magnet teaser Cake

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Fofos Magn Cake is a set of two cat teaser toys that contain imported dried catnip leaves and grass powder from the United States. It has a magnetic heart attached to the end of the rope that allows you to pick up and toss the toy, transforming it into a fishing experience. This catnip toy is made of strong wood and soft fabrics. Interactive toys have been shown to stimulate a kitten's natural desire to hunt, chase, play, chew, swat, and even encourage harmless biting and scratching. This cat toy encourages your cat's natural instinctive behaviour and is a great confidence booster, especially for anxious cats. Catnips provide a calm and relaxing experience while fun engaging cat toys give your cat a mouse or a ball chase-like feeling, ensuring good physical stimulation. Ideal for small pet kittens as well as older Persian and other breed cats.