Forbis Long Coat Aloe Shampoo

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Forbis Short Coat Aloe Shampoo contains Aloe Vera Gel, which aids in the protection of the water supply. It lubricates and moisturises the coat's skin. Ultraviolet (UV) light absorbs, anti-inflammation, and increases blood circulation. Oil-water equilibrium It adds lustre and shine to your pet's coat without harming the coat or drying out sensitive skin. It is a gentle shampoo made of non-stimulating ingredients that is designed for use on the skin and coat of young animals. It cleans thoroughly and gently. It does not stimulate the eyes or skin of puppies, has a clean scent, and is mild and fresh. Special additives such as olive oil extract and heat-active ingredients will leave your pet's coat rich, luxurious, and smooth. This product keeps your coat from tangling.

Key feature:-
Aloe enriched
Olive oil extracts
Make your pets coat shiny and lustrous
Increases blood circulation