Forbis Mild Olive Puppy Shampoo

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The natural high quality aloe in Forbis mild olive shampoo refreshes the dog's skin. The product contains non-irritating washing ingredients derived from olive and coconut oil, allowing for effective cleansing of soft and sensitive skin. With a rich moisturising function and the establishment of a cuticle coating for soft and sensitive skin, it helps to maintain shine and reslient hair. The heat active ingredient aids in the maintenance of shiny, resilent hair after drying. FEATURES: Use Mild Shampoo to care for your pet's sensitive skin! Freshness from Natural High Quality Aloe! Olive oil-based non-irritating surfactant is used. Specifically designed for gentle cleansing and skin protection in animals with sensitive skin. Aloe Vera and a heat-active ingredient

Key feature:-
Mild olive shampoo
Non irritating ingredients
Best suitable for sensetive and soft skin
Beautiful fragrance and gentle cleaning