Fresh For Paws Chicken Liver Stew

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A thick gravy made with chicken liver chunks, fresh vegetables and olive oil, Fresh For Paws’ Chicken Liver Stew comes with high Vitamin A content that helps improve eye sight, and Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that help maintain the coat’s shine. The healthy fat content makes it a particularly good choice for young, growing and underweight dogs!

List Of Ingredients:-

1) Chicken Liver – Protein:-
Chicken is considered lean meat and it provides protein as the main energy source, and chicken provides that boost without a big calorie count.
2) Olive Oil – Skin and Coat:-
It naturally defends the immune system and makes the pet’s Skin and Coat Healthier.
3) Peas – Fiber:-
Green peas are a great source of Fiber for your pooch.
4) Potatoes – Optimum Carbs:-
Extremely digestible, and provides optimum energy to your pet to keep active, fresh, healthy, and happy.
5) Carrots – Antioxidant & VIT A:-
Low-calorie source, high in fiber and also help to slow down the progression of dental disease.