Hopping Tails Milkeyberry (Milk and Strawberry) Dog Treats

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The Treats are to appreciate and encourage your pet when it did the task. Giving treats does just not Express your love towards your pet but also gives it a sense that you are liking his act. So, They remember the action/s and learn them faster and better.

Product Detail:
Hopping Tails pet treats are Yummy flavors snacks for canines, made out of the best quality, real human-grade ingredients. These air-dried, gently dehydrated meaty treats are easy to digest, Healthy, Oven baked, and Great as a tempting motivation for your pet. Use them as a reward or mid-time snacks and watch your furry four-legged hop with joy!

Ingredients and Nutrition:
Fresh whole chicken, wheat flour, starch, water, milk and strawberry flavor, salt, Gelatin, Glycerine, Gluten, Sugar, HVP, Emulsifiers, Permitted Colours, and preservatives.

Features and Benefits:
Keeps them healthy and strong and active.

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight and moisture. Refrigerate after opening to ensure maximum safety, consume content within 7 days of opening the pack.