Jerhigh Chicken Vegetables in Gravy (120g X 12) Pack of 12

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JerHigh vegetable and chicken in greavy is made with real chicken and vegetables, shaped into delectable meaty chunks, and topped with our delectable gravy. It's so good that your dog won't be able to resist! You can feed it alone or mix it with kibble to broaden your dog's palate and increase their appetite. The treat is hygienic, safe, and contains all of the nutrients that man's best friend requires. You can certainly reward them on a regular basis with JerHigh Grilled Chicken and Vegetable in Gravy to ensure that they are always healthy, happy, and full of energy.

Key features:-
- Made with real chicken and vegetables
- Meaty, chunky and topped with delicious greavy
- Full of fiber and other nutrients