Naturelix Spa Care

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  • REDUCED SKIN ISSUES: SPA Care Shampoo & Conditioner is a complete package for the skin health and overall wellness of dogs and puppies. Special ‘active’ from Oats augment skin conditioning and nourishment. Pure Neem oil acts on the fleas to reduce the occurrences of flea related allergies. Rosemary, Cedar essential oils and Oats composite provide prolonged relief from skin irritation, itching, dandruff and achieve perceptible reduction in the hair fall.
  • SMART CONDITIONING & ODOUR CONTROL : Naturelix Shampoo are pH balanced to soothe dog and puppy skin. It helps the natural polymeric conditioner to interact optimally with all types of coat (short or long) providing excellent luster, perceptible smooth and silky feel. Aroma Care natural essential oils neutralize foul body odor of pets and leaves them healthy & smelling great for a long time. No need to use a separate conditioner.