Smart Heart Power Pack Med Large

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This high energy diet from Smart Heart (PCG Thailand) is one of the best diet available in the economy range in India. Ideal for high as well as moderate energy dogs like labrador, german shepherd, rottweiler etc.

Suitable for Adult Medium to Large breed dogs of age above 12 months like bulldog, beagle, labrador, rottweiler, great dane, german shepherd, boxer etc. Not suitable for very small or mini dogs like chihuahua or pug.


  1. Increases immunity and average life span of adult dogs.
  2. Abundant amount of omega fatty acids ensure hair and skin problems are kept away.
  3. Added EPA, DHA, Taurine.
  4. Maintains ideal weight of the dog.
  5. Increases strength and lean muscle mass of dog.

Ingredients: Rice, Poultry meal, Chicken oil, Soybean meal, Corn Gluten meal, Full Fat Soybean, Minerals, Brewer’s Dried Yeast, Vitamins, Antioxidants & L-Carnitine.