Synfosium Capsule

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SynFOSium contains prebiotics and probiotics fos & mos that help in improving digestive health in dogs & cats. Useful in cases of chronic diarrhoea, bad or poor quality stool qualtity, bad intestinal flora. It contains E.faecium approved for veterinary use by EU FDA. It is a synbiotic formulation for good gut health.

Usually prescribed in cases of chronic diarrhoea, bad stool quality, Irratable bowel syndrome(IBS), Inflammatory Bowel disease(IBD) and other digestive/gastric issues.

Usual dosage is one capsule per 10kg bodyweight daily. Comes in form of gelatin coated capsule that can be fed directly or capsuled opened and sprinkled on food.

It aids in alteration of bile acid pool, promotes cytoprotection and Mitochondrial stability, acts as Anti-apoptotic, has a choleretic effect, helps in cholelith dissolution and immunomodulation.


Country of Origin: India

Manufactured & Packed by: VIVALDIS (PET) VEGA 803/804, Clover Hills Plaza, NIBM Road, Pune, 411048.

Sold by : Nutan Medicals Veterinary Division, Telangana, 5 62/ HD1/ AP/ 2009