TPR Tyre toy with Rope

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Our rope chew toys are durable or indestructible. The rope is soft it should do relief to dogs' teeth & do not cause any harm to gums & teeth of pets . Play catch or tug of war games with your four legged friends, it will bring you two closer together, and your dogs should be more happy and healthy. This toy is one of the best interactive toy , engage your pets in an adventure session leading to exhausting their energy absolutely & becoming more playful eventually

Key Features:

  • It Can Keep Your Pet Engage For Hours and Completely Non-Toxic And Safe To Use.
  • Nontoxic, Tasteless, Easy To Clean, Odorless, Lightweight Yet Extremely Durable Dog Toy.
  • Completely Safe For Your Pet & Gives Fun of Countless Hours Without Tearing it Apart.
  • Durable, Bite Resistant & Flexible.