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Positive pet training service at your doorstep

At Petzzing, we believe in understanding your pets first. We make sure that your pet learns from the best while meeting your needs and requirements!

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Train your dog

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How it Works?

Get the right assistance from our experts

You can schedule a free visit where the trainer meets your pet, gets to know them and understands your requirements.

Together finalise the services and customise the package

Based on the requirements and details, the trainer suggests services required and together you can finalise a package.

Buy the services, schedule the sessions and let the training begin

After complete information gathering, KYC checks and payments, a training period is decided and the training begins!

Let our experts help you decide the best suitable training services for your pet!

Before you buy, schedule a FREE FIRST VISIT from our experts and get help regarding:

Positive reinforcement

Instructors are taught science-based training principles that reward appropriate dog behaviors.

Certified Trainers

Pet trainers are committed to fostering the relationship between pet parents and their animals.

Custom packages

Customized training plans to meet your goals and lifestyle.

Why should you require Pre-Puppy

Standard training

We cover various training topics like the bed or basket training, sit, look, down, toilet training and more

Learns to interact

Learn to interact and communicate with other puppies and dogs using doggy language.

Obedience training

Ensures your puppy grows into an obedient and responsible adult dog

Being alone

Prepares puppy to stay alone for short periods of time

Strengthening The Bond

9 out of 10 problems faced by the dog are misunderstood or misinterpreted by the owners. We assist you in bridging the communication gap with them and make your bond stronger!


Our specialists help decode behaviour cues and initiate behaviour changes for issues like aggression, excessive barking, etc. This helps your dog be more self-assured and lets them explore the surroundings freely.

Why is training your pet dog extremely important?

Choose a training service

Mental Stimulation

We have the best techniques to ensure your dog gets the much needed exercise to stimulate the body and mind keeping them healthy!

Management Techniques

It is important to make an inclusive environment for your pet, however, it is more essential to make sure they are equipped with all the resources to adapt to any surrounding with success.

What does it mean to be trained in:

Biting Control

Jumping Control

Leash Pulling

Food Agression

Barking Control

Separation Anxiety

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Frequently Asked Questions?

How Does The Petzzing Training Service Work?

A Pet Trainer with professional experience will train your pet as per the package and the date selected by you.

What Training Methods Do You Use?

At Petzzing we train your Pets the way a mother would train her baby using love and respect.

Can I Reschedule My Training Bookings

Yes, you can reschedule your booking by calling the customer service representative on Petzzing official number 7400023570/71.

What is The Cancellation Policy?

If you choose to cancel, cancellation fee will be deducted as per follows

3 days prior- 5% of the booking amount will be deducted as cancellation fees.

1 day prior- 7% of the booking amount will be deducted as cancellation fees.

Less than 24hrs- 10% of the booking amount will be deducted as cancellation fees.

For guidance and support, connect with our experts