Calibra oxalate and urate and cystine Dog Food

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  • Selected protein source – eggs
  • Restricted protein formula
  • Control of urinary pH (alkalization) and Relative Supersaturation (RSS) of oxalates
  • Urinary Tract Health COMPLEX – a combination of:
    • Unique herbal blend (lingonberry & nettle & silver thistle)
    • Vitamins & Antioxidants (polyphenols and flavonoids from green tea and turmeric)
    • Omega 3 (from salmon oil and algae)

Supporting the physiological functioning of the urinary system

Package: 12 kg, 2 kg

Feeding instructions: Complete feed. It is recommended that a veterinarian’s opinion be sought before use or before extending the period of use.

Recommended length of time: for reduction of oxalate stones formation up to 6 months, for reduction of cystine stones formation initially up to 6 months, for reduction of urate stones formation up to 6 months, but lifetime use in case of irreversible disturbance of uric acid metabolism.

Water should be available at all times. For cystine stones: Urine alkalizing properties and low level of proteins. For urate stones: Restricted level of protein and selected protein sources (dried eggs). Feed the food dry or slightly moistened. Recommended daily amounts are shown in the feeding table and should be adapted to the actual condition.

Country of origin : Czech Republic

Manufactured by: Novlko Animal Health s.r.o. SONDERE ERVANTAGES Palackeho trida 537/163, 61200 Brno

Imported & Marketed By : Vetina Healthcare LLP 401-B Town Square, Vimannagar Pune Maharashtra 411014 India