Areion Vet D-kany Syrup

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  • Package Contains: D-Kanny Dewormer Suspension for Dogs, 10ml
  • D-Kany Oral Suspension has two active ingredients pyrental pamoate & febantel & it has different modes of action and spectra of activity against hookworms, ascarids, and whipworms.
  • It is a multi-spectrum dewormer to eliminate hookworms, ascarids, and nematodes (including whipworms) in puppies and young dogs. Easy on gut and hard on internal parasites. It is the most efficacious and a complete dewormer for puppies and young dogs. It also helps to maintain healthy skin and a lustrous coat. Prevents the loss of nutrients to worms thereby supports healthy growth. It comes with a calibrated dropper for easy and accurate dosing compliance.
  • It helps puppies to overcome the first challenges, vicious health hazards at an early age, Stunted Growth, Weak Skin, and Rough Coat.
  • Puppies are most prone to G.I. worms which may lead to the release of toxins, impaired immunity, Loss of valuable nutrients and blood.