Diarest M Gel

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Diarest – M Gel syrup contains aluminum hydroxide that helps in reducing the acidity in the digestive tract. Antacids increase the pH to a more basic level and reduce the acidity in the digestive tract. It is used to treat symptoms associated with heartburn, acid reflux, and peptic ulcers. Some antacids like aluminum hydroxide may be effective in pets with kidney failure (chronic kidney disease or CKD) to reduce the amount of phosphate in the blood.

How It Works

Acidity in your pet’s digestive tract increases when acetylcholine, histamine, and gastrin stimulate cells in the stomach wall to release hydrochloric acid. Antacid neutralizes the acid molecules, increasing the pH in your pet’s body and reducing the stomach irritation caused by the acid.


• Acid reflux

• Peptic Ulcers

• Aluminium Hydroxide is known as gut phosphate binder hence works in kidney failure, heartburn

Side Effects

• Loose stools with magnesium compounds

• Constipation with aluminum or calcium compounds

• Lack of appetite