Drontal Plus Tablets

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Drontal Plus Deworming Tablet is a broad-spectrum chewable deworming medication formulated to effectively combat a wide range of internal parasites in dogs. This powerful anthelmintic combines three active ingredients: praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate, and febantel, making it a comprehensive solution for deworming.

Uses of Drontal Plus Dog Deworming Tablet:

  • Removal of tapeworms (Dipylidium caninum, Taenia pisiformis, Echinococcus granulosus, Echinococcus multilocularis)

  • Removal and control of hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala)

  • Removal of ascarids (Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina)

  • Removal of whipworms (Trichuris vulpis)

Deworming is an essential preventive measure to reduce the internal parasite load and enhance the overall health and well-being of your canine companion.