As pet parents, pet owners feel the need to be there to be with their pets at all times to show them their unlimited love, care, and affection. But, reality check, balancing work and social commitments while being physically present with your pets is challenging. Maybe in your absence, you can keep them(your pets) distracted with toys, chews like chicken sticks, calcium bone for dogs, Dogsee chew, and other distractions, but these can occupy them only for so long. Eventually, they will get over the distractions and look for something else, probably for you. 

Even in your hectic schedule, your mind will wander off to what your pet might do back home. It is where daycare comes into play, where you can keep your pet when you are away for the day so they can be accompanied and looked after well. From socialization to professional care, in this blog, you can explore the numerous benefits of pet daycare services.


Most dogs are social creatures who love to interact with their parents, other animals they meet, and even with random people. Whereas a lot of cats are selective with their interactions, they love being socially active with the ones they choose. When these social cats and dogs are left alone, they can get lonely, especially without their beloved hoomans. You can always get another fur baby to play with them, but it means double the responsibility, which isn’t always the best solution for pet parents with a hectic schedule.

But worry not; daycares provide a safe and supervised environment where your fur baby can make new fur friends. It helps your pet step out of their comfort zone, teaching them to be more accommodating and friendly with other pets and strangers. It helps to improve your pet’s social skills, particularly when they start daycare from a young age. Even if your pet is an adult or shy, daycare can help to improve their social skills for their emotional well-being, as daycares are focused on providing the best positive experience according to every pet's needs.


It’s no secret that dogs and cats require regular exercise for their physical and mental well-being. Depending on their breed and age, dogs require around 2 hours, whereas cats need about 30 minutes of exercise every day. Regular exercise keeps your pet away from being overweight while improving their cardiovascular and muscular health.  

Unfortunately, when you are not there to exercise your pet, they might not run around the house and play alone to achieve their daily fitness goals. They most likely spend this alone time, missing you while being lazy. But, without this daily exercise, your pet can get obese, which is a risk to their overall health.

At pet daycare centers, your pet is not only taken for a daily walk but also encouraged to play in the spacious play areas. They also have their fellow dog companions to play with there. Daycares often provide structured as well as unstructured playtime routines designed for your pet.

Mental Stimulation

Just like pets need physical exercise for their physical well-being, they need mental stimulation at the same time for their mental well-being. Both cats and dogs are clever animals and need mental stimulation daily. If your pet has behavioral issues, they might not get the mental stimulation they need. 

Pets at daycares are stimulated mentally by providing them with interactive and puzzle toys, helping them communicate better with both their fellow pets and humans. They let them sniff around and see new things that mentally stimulate your pet. These daycare centers might also take them on walks around new areas, which helps provide them with the mental refresh they need. Mentally stimulating your pet also improves their problem-solving skills. 

When your pet is mentally as well as physically stimulated throughout the day in daycare, they are typically tired when they get back home, which means a good sleep for both you and them!

Separation Anxiety

Some dogs and cats face separation anxiety, which can be challenging for them and their parents. It is a bad idea to leave these pets alone for extended periods, as they can get extremely distressed. During this time, they may start crying, howling, whining, or barking, which can lead to complaints from your neighbors. They may even show destructive behavior, resulting in pieces of furniture overturned or full of scratches, pillows, and curtains torn, and things scattered everywhere, which is not the messy view you want to come home to.

Lucky for you, this separation anxiety in your pets can be reduced with the constant care and guidance given in daycare homes! These dogs and cats have a busy schedule in these places, which provides them with the physical, mental, and social stimulation they need, giving them no time to get lonely. They create a sense of belonging and companionship between the various cats and dogs, which helps them cope with their anxiety. They also provide individualized attention and assurance needed for every pet.


A constant structured routine is essential for cats and dogs, as they are for kids. Believe it or not, most pets love a routine, it gives them a surety of what to expect. These routines include feeding, naps, exercise, and even bathroom break time, which helps them live a happy, predictable life. A consistent feeding routine ensures that your pet receives regular meals throughout the day, which keeps their weight and digestive system in check, and routine bathroom breaks improve their urinary tract. 

Helping your pet maintain their routine every day while juggling with your unpredictable life can be grueling. So, to hold this routine, you can take your dog to their loved daycare center, which does so for them, for you. And don’t worry, if our pet doesn’t already have one, they will help you by learning more about your pet’s needs and slowly building one that suits them the best. 

Professional Care

Leaving your pet alone at home is a choice some parents have to make. But, during these times, the worry of your pet being lonely, getting hurt, or maybe destroying your home never leaves the mind of these parents. Well, let’s be honest, the chances of either or all of them happening are high, especially when your pet is new to being left alone. 

But for these lovely pet parents, daycare comes in handy, where several attendants are trained professionally to provide every pet with quality love and care while ensuring their safety. Your pet is looked after, at all times and immediately removed from any situation that might hurt them. Not only these, but the professionals at this daycare also catch any signs of distress, anxiety, or discomfort they might feel and help them immediately. 

Peace of mind

The primary benefit of keeping your pet in daycare is peace of mind for pet parents. These daycares are well-equipped with professional staff trained to prevent and handle unexpected accidents and situations, which gives these parents a sense of comfort. Knowing your pets are in safe hands lets you, as pet parents, give their undivided attention and devotion to their work till you get to meet your happy pet(use it as a motivation). Several daycare homes have even started using the growing technology to send you an update of your pet’s activities daily or even send random pictures of them to brighten up your day.  

Additional benefits

  • Daycare homes know the importance of grooming pets and may help with your pet’s daily grooming. Well, some daycare homes take a step forward and provide in-house grooming services as it eliminates the need for you to travel with your pet to a different destination or to make your pet familiar with various professionals.
  • To help improve your pet's behavior and to teach them a few tricks, sometimes daycares even provide training services for them, which means more can happen in the same place and at the same time. 
  • Some daycare homes even provide a pick-up and drop service, which means you can use the journey’s time for something else. 
  • At times, pet parents prefer having a dog sitter to accompany their pet. But, daycare is a better option as not only does your pet learn to socialize more at daycare homes, but also you don’t have to worry about the risk of letting a stranger in your home or trouble your friends or relatives to sit with your pet.
  • You can celebrate festivals without any distractions, as handling the decorations, the guests, and your furry friend side by side can be stressful.
  • You don’t have to worry about traveling with your pet, as it can make your pet anxious.
  • Several daycare homes even provide overnight boarding services where you can place your dog during work trips or much-needed vacations, as in many places staying with your pet will cost you much more than being virtually in touch with them while they are in their boarding homes.

The benefits of daycare and boarding for your pets are never-ending, so why stress? So, are you looking for daycare or boarding homes for your pet? Petzzing is here to help. You can choose from the many trusted daycare and boarding homes according to your preference and convenience at highly discounted prices, that too just in a couple of taps.