Being a parent to a pet is one of the most rewarding things that you can experience but it is not always fun and games. With a pet comes a lot of responsibility. And the responsibility can get overwhelming at times. Ensuring your dogs are in good shape and with a regular dog care routine will mean a healthy and hygienic life for your dog.
There are multiple things that you need to take into consideration when you decide to maintain your dog’s hygiene regularly. Be it their nails or their ears everything needs to be paid close attention to. With parents being busy with their work in their fast-paced lives, it is difficult to keep track of everything.
This is why we bring you the ultimate dog hygiene checklist, which will help you tackle and streamline your dog’s health and hygiene.

1. Getting checked for Ticks and Fleas.
With your dog’s day being spent walking the streets, playing in the gardens, and rolling in different places, there is a chance that your pet catches ticks or fleas. Ticks and Fleas can be a nuisance it is important to have your dog looked at for ticks and fleas during monthly vet visits and ensure dog tick removal.

2. Stay up to date with all the vaccinations.
It is important to make sure your dog is given all the vaccination on time. Delaying or missing the vaccinations may lead to long-term pain and problems. Contact your vet for the vaccinations.

3. Bathe your dog.
With your dog rolling around every day in the dirt, they need a good bath for hair cleaning with Himalya dog shampoo, Beaphar shampoo, and Lozalo dog shampoo. Although, it is also important to not bathe your dog more than advised as it leads to flaky skin and the fur losing its shine.

4. Dog nail Clipping.
Long nails affect your dog’s posture and also are extremely dirty. It is advisable to clean your dog’s nails every 3-4 weeks from when they are puppies.

5. Trim their coats.
Dog grooming is important. Trimming your dog’s coat helps their skin breathe, brushing promotes blood circulation, and short fur means a cleaner dog. It also lessens the chances of infecting with fleas and ticks.

6. Dog teeth cleaning
Your dog eats a lot of things and usually does not enjoy cleaning their teeth. This is why a thorough monthly oral cleanup is a must.

7. Through toys and bed cleaning
Toys and beds are never really thought about when it comes to cleaning and hygiene for pets. It is essential to clean your dog’s bed and toys once at least each month as it is a breeding ground for germs.

8. Clean everything.
Cleaning clothes, shoes, and accessories is important when it comes to your hygiene, and it is no different for your dog. So, remember to thoroughly clean your pet’s accessories every 4-5 weeks.

Credit: PawsIndia