Pets are a beloved member of every family, as they bring uncountable joys into everyone’s life, but well sometimes, their infamous stink joins the family too. No, we’re not talking about their natural smell, which might be barely unpleasant but doesn’t bother anyone. We’re talking about the odor that one day hits you like a brick wall when you come home from a long day that doesn’t usually happen. Although part of this reason might be your pet, we can’t blame them because they are unbeknownst to this. 

What is the Reason?

To understand how to get rid of these foul odors, let us first take a look at the reasons this might be happening to you, your house, and your pet!

  • Just like us, our pets sweat too(FYI, cats and dogs sweat through their paws!), and as the accumulation of sweat makes us stink, it contributes to our pet’s odor too. 

The growth of bacteria and yeast infections in the damp places of your pet’s body may leave a stench.

  • Excess dander is one of the other culprits of the odor. Dander is a mixture of skin cells, hair, and other substances that your pet’s body secretes. The accumulation of this dander, with saliva, little urine, dirt, and whatnot can make your pet’s bedding a root cause of the smell.

  • Even if your dog is potty trained and your cat is litter trained, sometimes accidents may happen around the house, and if not cleaned immediately, it may not just leave a stain but also an unpleasant odor.

  • They may develop a dog/ cat odor due to irregular grooming or because of some underlying medical condition. Shockingly, even their diet affects how they smell. 


Now that you know the reasons for these pet odors and are looking for solutions to take care of the same, let’s get you some answers!!

Regular bathing and grooming!

The first step to keeping the pet odors away is bathing your pet religiously once a month or three, depending on their breed and what your vet suggests. Even if they dislike water, try your best to make them comfortable with it and give them a good bath with Himalaya dog shampoo, Lozalo dog shampoo, or Wahl shampoo to maintain the health of their beautiful fur and to have a subtly amazing smell. Use sanitizers and powders frequently if they despise bathing, but do not use them as a replacement for regular showers. Remember to brush their fur every day (Read our blog Guide to Bathing your pet for tips to bathe your pet). 

Brush their teeth every day or every other day for their dental health and give them their favorite Dogsee Chew to keep the stink away(Do read our blog 'Take care of your pet's dental health' to know more). Taking care of your pet’s oral health is crucial for them(to us too), as they tend to lick everything and anything and transfer bacteria from one place to another.

Take them to a professional groomer from time to time to ensure that they get a deep clean

Or book an at-home grooming service with Petzzing!

Wash! Wash! Wash!

Wash everything your dog has, their bed(if it’s non-washable and is the root cause of the odor, throw it away), bed cover, blankets, toys, leashes, collars, bowls, and everything else regularly as the accumulation of bacteria and dander on them can make them spread the odor. 

Use baking soda to get the pee stains out of your carpets and other fabrics(it takes time, but it works like a charm!). Use a little baking soda on the mattresses, curtains, rugs, or pillows that don’t need washing but need to smell fresh.

Use an odorless litter box for your cat and clean it regularly. If it still doesn’t help, replace it with another kind of litter that might help you and your nose out!

Sweep, Mop, Vacuum!

First, open every window and door in your house to let the air in and the stink out! (don’t let your pet run away)!

We know you sweep the house every day, but you need extensive cleaning to make your home smell pleasant like it used to. Sweep every nook and cranny, from floors to walls. 

Follow it with a good mop dipped in a good floor-cleaner mixed with vinegar(it’s a great disinfectant!). If you can, use a vacuum cleaner, especially to clean your carpets and furniture!

Now that you know how to shooaway these pet odors, we wish you luck!!