There’s nothing more snuggly than a new kitten! But with those adorable oversized ears and wide eyes, comes the inevitable, (and slightly less cute) kitten teething phase. 

From the baby teething phase early on to the adult teething phase a few months in, here are our two cents about how to handle this tender time for your new furry friend!


Ah yes, the age-old question: When do cats start teething? You’ll begin to see kitten baby teeth push through their gums at around two to four weeks. This first teething phase can last until they’re eight weeks old. 

The second round of teething usually begins around the three to four-month mark, with all 30 adult teeth coming in by seven months. 

All in all? You’re looking at about four months of total teething in your kitten’s first year! 


But fear not, new pet parents! There are plenty of kitten toys out there that will keep your little furball contentedly - and safely - chewing, so that your couches, cords, and other furnishings are spared! 

Here are some of our favorite types of toys to look out for: 

  • Hard Plastic  - These types of kitten teething toys often utilize a textured surface that serves to massage your furry friend’s gums as they chew. This type of toy should have your kitten happily chewing & coming back for more!
  • Floss - These toys are usually built with stuffed fabric, and durable floss stretched over the top. The floss soothes the gums when kittens bite and chew on the toy.
  • Fabric - Fabric toys often focus more on what’s inside - and that’s usually catnip. Catnip encourages bursts of energy and periods of play, followed by a window of relaxation - a perfect combo for a teething kitten. Just be sure that fabric toys with catnip are double-stitched for durability.


To help your kitten further you should give them soft food Purepet cat food and meo creamy treats.

Whether you’re new to kitten teething, or a seasoned pro, just remember: this tooth shall pass (see what we did there?). In the meantime, load up on chew toys & healthy treats to keep your kitten happy and safe during a teething phase!

Credit: I and love and you