Dogs and humans have been together from the beginning of time. Dogs have evolved to fill various roles, watchdogs, guard dogs, police dogs, and sniffers. However, they need training to do anything. The earlier you start the training, the better trained they become.

So, how to train a dog? Let us find out in this dog training guide.

As an organization, we believe that a trained dog is what you would call an educated dog. There is nothing mightier than a well-trained and behaved dog. There are many benefits to training your dog; some of them will honestly save your life.

  • It makes your dog's life significantly safer.

    As a pet parent, you are worried about your dog's safety. And, as a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure they are safe at all times. But, dogs being dogs, they are always getting into trouble. But a well-trained dog obeys your commands and stays out of trouble. You do not have to worry about your dog running into the streets, getting in front of a car, or getting into hazardous situations.

    • Your house is safe:

    We have heard about dogs that destroy the entire house when you leave them alone, even for a while. It is not safe for your dog and those in the home. Training your dog will ensure that your living areas are secure and treated with respect. You will have to train your dog from the very start, instill manners and teach them what is acceptable in the house and what is not.

    • It makes your dog a lot more social and friendly:

      Training your dog to respect personal boundaries and behave in social situations can make your dog many friends along their walks, play-date, and parks. Everyone appreciates a good boy on a walk.

      • Helps strengthen the relationship between you and your dog:

        A training plan will establish a good relationship between you and your pet. The time you spend together training, sharing experiences, and setting boundaries will mean a long and healthy relationship between you and your dog.

        During training, your dog will learn to trust you and obey your commands, thus building your relationship. If you do not have time or patience to train your dog you can hire a professional trainer in a few simple steps by searching for trainers near your location like dog trainer Mumbai, dog trainer Bangalore, and dog trainer near me.


        Role of dog training toys in training your dog

        Training your dog requires time and consistency. Dog training toys can help make training easier and also assist in teaching a few tricks.

        • Chewing Training:

          Trust us you do not want a puppy who chews on your furniture and rugs for a year until they are teething. It is important to train your puppy right from the first time they start chewing.

          You can very easily train your puppy using dental toys. Dental toys are designed to satisfy your dog's chewing and teething needs. They are safe and good for your dog’s jaw.

          Training Tip: Every time your puppy or dog chews on something they are not supposed to, give them the chew toy and indicate that instead of chewing on that, chew on this. If your puppy finds it difficult to understand, add a treat or some peanut butter over the toy to attract them. This way, reward your puppy every time they chew on the toy and develop a habit of chewing on it.

          Shop some of our best chew toys here.

          • Fetch Training:

            Playing fetch is a great way for your furry friend to get some exercise and playtime. It is also a great way for you and your dog to strengthen your bond.

            Fetch training can be a huge success in multiple ways. The idea is to get your dog excited about the object you are throwing just enough to chase after it and enjoy the thrill of chasing it. When they enjoy it, they will bring the toy back to you for you to throw it again.

            Training Tip: During the training, if your dog gets disinterested and forgets to bring the toy back, do not bring it back yourself. Get your dog excited about the toy and let them take it back. This way they understand that they always have to get it back, no matter what.

            Fetch toys can make this training easier by enticing the dog and reducing your effort in doing so. These fetch toys are interactive, which means they respond to your dog’s energy. It means if your dog is super excited, it will respond in the same way. If your dog is disinterested, they will make fun squeaky sounds or jump to entice your dog to play. These toys work very well during training, and your dog loves the excitement and energy release.

            Shop interactive fetch toys:

            The magic of magic roller!

            The magic roller is an interactive and self-play toy by PawsIndia. The toy is perfect for fetch training. The toy makes the training easier as it vibrates and makes fun squeaky sounds that entice your dog to play fetch.

            Shop magic roller for your fetch training.

            • Make your pet independent:

              Let’s be honest, urban pet parents cannot spend all day with their dogs. They constantly have to juggle between things which leaves your pet alone for long hours. The only way for you to keep your dog alone at home unsupervised would be by training them to keep themselves entertained and not indulge in destructive behavior.

              Self-play toys and interactive toys are a boon to all pet parents here. Interactive toys and self-play toys are designed to keep your pet busy and engaged for hours. They also help tackle obesity, anxiety, and depression in dogs. Interactive toys have various features that make entertaining your dog easy.

              • What is that funny sound?

                These toys make fun squeaky sounds that entice your dog to play.

                It’s all about the motion!

                These toys run, jump and vibrate which makes your dog’s hunting tendencies go bonkers, which means they will chase the toy, play with it, and get the satisfaction of hunting prey.

                  Leveraging the fact that your dog loves treats, you can always stick a treat or two in these toys like chicken stick, dogsee chew, and dog biscuit, and watch your dog play with them to get rewarded after a good playtime. These toys help greatly with weight management. 

                  The ultimate training toy- Wobble Wag

                  Wobble wag is an interactive, self-play toy designed for keeping your dog active and engaged. The toy makes fun giggly sounds when your dog plays with it which entices your dog to play until they are tired and happy.

                  Training that can be made easy with Wobble Wag:

                  • Fetch training:

                  The toy is automated and thus can be great for fetch training. All you have to do is turn on wobble wag and watch your puppy run after it to fetch it.

                  • Command training:

                    Once your puppy is in love with the toy, you can leverage the toy to teach your puppy basic commands and then reward them with wobble wag when they do good.

                    • Crate training:

                      Puppies are so curious! And they have occasional energy bursts that make them run all around the house, bite on stuff and chew. The toy is great for crate training for your curious little puppy. This toy will keep your dog company and entertain them even in small spaces, and thus your puppy will not be bored alone.

                      • Anxiety relief training:

                        You do know what your puppy has been through before they got adopted. Many adopted dogs go through traumatic experiences before they find a loving and safe home.

                        Anxiety, although common, goes undetected. This toy helps dogs with abandonment issues by keeping them company and engaged while you are away. Because let us be honest, you cannot stay with your dog 24 hours a day!


                        Tips on how to train a puppy and effective ways to make training fun, and best ways to house train a dog

                        There is nothing wrong with wondering whether your puppy enjoys their training. Here are a few ways to ensure some training time fun for your dog:

                        1. Reward your dog: Dogs do not understand what you say but try to understand your actions and emotions. When your dog does something right, rewarding them with a treat tells them that their behavior is right. Every dog loves some treats; this makes training fun for them.
                        2. Hold the training at different places: A change of scene can help make the exercise more effective. It means that no matter what the situation, your dog will obey your commands. It can be fun for your dog as they explore different places, which is great considering their inquisitive nature.
                        3. Switch up the training frequently: Repetitive training routine can get dull and predictive. Find ways to make the same training exciting every time.


                        To Conclude

                        You can make training fun and interesting for you and your furry friend with the help of training toys. It is never too late to teach your old dog tricks and the earlier you start, the better.

                         Credit: pawsIndia