Are you a cat parent? If yes, you might have noticed your cat scratching on your couch, curtains, mat, and even your clothes. Every cat parent wonders, why does my cat scratch so much? The good news is it is not a sign of bad behavior. Well, the reality is a cat needs to scratch, and scratching is, in fact, good for their health and wellness. 

Because it’s an instinctual habit, you should not try to eliminate the behavior or scold your cat for scratching it is better to encourage them to scratch on the right objects. Cats use their claws for several reasons, and in the lack of satisfactory alternatives, cats may scratch furniture and carpets. If your cat enjoys scratching, you must understand it and give them solutions that will benefit both of you. 


Do Cats Need To Scratch?

Yes, cats do need to scratch. Scratching is normal feline behavior and not the cat’s desire for revenge. Scratching is a way for cats to mark their territory, stretch, work off energy, fight boredom, or groom their nails. 

Why Do Cats Scratch?

Your goal should never be to stop your cat from scratching but rather to redirect cat scratching to a healthy way. Here are a few reasons why your cat scratches;

1) Healthy claws

Cats have retractable claws, which means the claws retract into a sheath within their paws. Cats need to shed these sheaths regularly so that new claws may form, which is why scratching is important. 

 2) To mark their territory

Cats need personal space and use several methods to communicate their territory with other felines. Scratching is one method for your cat to leave their mark on their house, alert other animals to its presence, and feel content knowing that its territory is secure. Cats have scent glands located in their paw pads to mark their territory. 

3) For Exercising and Stretching

Scratching provides essential exercise for the cat's paws and a much-needed full-body stretch. They can arch their backs and fully stretch their legs, which is a satisfying movement for a cat. 

4) Stress relieve

If your cat has the energy to burn, you might see her scratching excessively. Well, scratching is a way for your feline friend to be relieved from stress and anxiety.  

5) Joy and Happiness

Cаts scratch to show their еxcitеmеnt. They do it when they wake up and sometimes when their human returns home. They also do it when kneading with their paws, which is beneficial for them.

How to Stop Inappropriate Cat Scratching

Getting frustrated over a torn-up sofa? Don’t panic! Your frustration with your catto will not solve the scratching problem rather affects your bond with her. The easiest and most effective way to solve your cat's scratching issues is by providing your cat with a scratching post. 

Cat Scratchers

If you do not have a cat scratching post in your house, then you need to have it right now. Scratching posts are the best way to stop your cat from scratching on furniture and curtains. Let's dive deep and understand cat scratchers and how to find the best one for your cat.

What to look for while getting a scratcher for your catto?

1) Long and Big

Cats like to have a space that's big enough for them to stretch their body and be comfortable. They like to have their personal space and territory where they can relax. 

2) Sturdy

Cats are very picky when it comes to their toys or posts. They need a sturdy post that doesn't wobble and should stand strong when they jump or hop on it. 

3) Material

It's crucial to choose a post with a covering that is different from the material in your home that your cat usually scratches. It will make her more attracted to the scratcher, saving your furniture. 

Tips For Getting Your Cat Attracted Towards Scratching Posts

1) Cats often scratch when they wake up from a nap so put one scratcher near the cat’s sleeping area.

2) Sprinkle little catnip on the scratcher to attract your cat to the post.

3) The most critical step is to reward the cat by giving creamy treats for cats meo creamy treats, and kittos for using the post. 

It is easy to choose a scratching post that your cat will love all you have to do is just put yourself in his paws. You can save your furniture and mats easily with scratcher posts. Your cat might take some time to get acquainted with the post, so you have to be patient while dealing with him. 

Credit: pawsIndia