Paw parents love their pets and do what is best for them. But, when it comes to grooming, they are hesitant as they think grooming is only about making your pet more beautiful and stylish and say, ‘Why should I groom my pet? They look the best anyway’. This thought process is incomplete as grooming has many other health-centric benefits, which we will discuss in depth in this blog. 

Think of grooming your pet this way, 'Why do humans bathe daily, wash their hair, cut their nails, and clean their ears and eyes?' The answer is simple; they do this not only to look good but to stay clean and hygienic which is significant for their overall wellbeing.


Cats are very hygienic and like to clean themselves by licking their body. So, when it comes to taking your meow-jesty for grooming it is more of a health check for them. On the other hand, dogs are like toddlers who love to play with water but dislike their shower time. This is why, for dogs, it is both a cleaning and an overall health examination when it comes to getting them groomed. Irrespective, grooming of both cats and dogs is very similar, and it consists of the following:

Healthy fur

Paw parents need to brush their pet’s beautiful fur at least every other day or every week, depending on the pet’s fur length, as it removes the old damaged hair and ventilates their coat, enabling it to grow strong and healthy. The combing of their fur also relaxes them, as it feels like a massage, and who doesn't like a massage? 

Don’t forget to bathe your pet every other week with Himalaya dog shampoo, Lozalo dog shampoo, and Beaphar shampoo to keep them clean.

Sometimes the fur of your fur baby gets matted and tangled due to friction, scratching, pest presence, and moisture left in the fur after bathing or swimming, seasonal shedding aka ‘blowing coat’. It occurs in dogs and cats with long fur, is painful for them, and can lead to infections. Brushing it out with the right tools and products is a long and tiring process, which is why getting your pet mats groomed with professional grooming is the optimal solution. 

Getting your pet groomed regularly also helps with controlling shedding(save your home from the fur-tack). It is important to remember that the breed, size, diet, and water intake are significant factors that affect a pet’s shedding. 


Coat cleaning:

Grooming your pet not only does wonders for their fur but for their coat too, as the groomers ensure to get rid of dead skin, excess oil, and buildup that generally causes your pet to stink. Groomers also check for fleas & ticks that may infect your pet and remove them when found. 

Ear cleaning:

Clean your pet’s ears properly to remove all the gunk and buildup that may lead to ear infections. Groomers not only clean your pet’s ears but often look for any scratches, parasites, or any unusual discharge or smell that may need urgent attention from the vet. In between visits, pet parents should clean their ears with damp cotton to avoid buildup.

Eye Cleaning:

The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body that sustain quite a bit of wear and tear. Your pet’s eyes produce tears that help lubricate and nourish the cornea. These tears drain through the ducks present in the inner corner of the eye. 

Sometimes, a glop or crust of oils, dried tears, mucus, and dead cells may accumulate near these ducts. Cleaning these crusts should be regular with a damp towel as its accumulation may cause infections. Groomers, clean this discharge with the utmost care, trim the hair around the eyes that might harm your pet, and take care of the discoloration formed by these crusts. 

Teeth Cleaning:

Oral health is significant for both cats and dogs. Generally, pets are more comfortable getting their teeth brushed by their beloved hooman as it can be a bonding activity. You should brush your dog’s teeth twice every week and give them chews to avoid plaque. 

If your dog is friendly and comfortable with it, groomers brush your pet’s teeth lightly with a soft brush and toothpaste made for them, and even look out for dental and gum diseases that cause pain and discomfort. 

Nail trimming: 

Overgrown nails come with a lot of problems. They make it uncomfortable for your pet to walk on, lead to joint pain, might rip your furniture apart, and may make your pet scratch you unintentionally, which makes trimming their nails important. These nails have connected blood vessels, which can easily get nicked when it's not trimmed carefully. Instead of taking this risk, it is best to take your pet to a groomer that trims your pet's nails precisely.  

Above, we went through the numerous health benefits of grooming your pet. But as we started this discussion, grooming will also make your pet look better. 

Just like humans cut our hair, shape our beards and eyebrows, and wash our faces to look better and brighter, grooming does the same for our beloved furry friends. You can get their trimming done to make their features and pretty smile stand out. And not to mention, they smell good after it, maybe because they naturally smell better and their unclean body makes them smell bad or because of the safe fragrant shampoos the groomer uses.  

Detection and Prevention

Checking your pet’s body for any abnormalities can be tricky because of all the fur. Groomers thoroughly check your pet from head to tail for any abnormalities of lumps, bumps, knots, rashes, inflammation, or infections. This detection is easy if you have a regular groomer for your pet who can easily make out any minute changes in your pet. You should then report the abnormality to the vet for a solution. This early detection helps manage the condition and get a shorter and more effective solution. 

When to start grooming your pet?

It is crucial to make your pet familiar and comfortable with the concept of grooming from a young age to ensure a seamless experience for you, your pet, and the groomer. You can do this by choosing a time to groom your pet when they feel tired and less energetic. Choose the right groomer fit for your pet. Start the grooming sessions with a short span and slowly increase it. Reward them with their favorite treat after it to appreciate their patience. In this way, they will become accustomed to the grooming ritual and might even look forward to it.

Why should you get your dog groomed by a professional groomer?

Even though we know how to communicate with our pets, they sometimes cannot tell us where they hurt, so it is necessary to get them professionally groomed once in a while as it allows them to have an essential health inspection. 

Professional groomers are packed with the right tools needed to groom your pet safely. They check for every minute abnormality and things causing discomfort to your furry friend and find the perfect solution to make the distress go away. They are equipped to handle every kind of pet, from friendly to aggressive. 

A professional groomer also helps you through some issues you might be dealing with with your pet, recommends products best suited for your pet, grooms them and gives your dog a haircut made for them, and helps your pup or Catto with social interaction. 

How frequently should you get your pet groomed?

The frequency of grooming your pet depends on the type of breed, coat length, climate, and your pet’s life stage. Generally, it is said to take your grown pet with medium-length fur for grooming every six weeks and a young pet every 3-4 months. However, it is crucial to regularly brush your pet, bathe them, and clean their teeth, ears, and eyes at home.

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The bottom line!

The bottom line is that a regular grooming routine for your fur baby will keep them healthier, happier, and of course prettier! Both at-home grooming and professional grooming are utterly necessary for your pet’s overall health. At-home grooming helps you to form a closer bond with your pet, and professional grooming acts like a thorough grooming and health check-up. 

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