We know how much you love your fur baby, and continue to find new ways to show this immeasurable love to them. Some ways to show your love is by giving them your attention, pats, and unmistakably belly rubs. But do not forget one of the most significant forms of showing love to these loving creatures is giving them TREATS!!! 

Don't you believe us yet? Let us show you some undeniable reasons to back us up:

  • Reward-based training
  • Treats are the secret weapon you can use to reinforce good behavior in your pets. Like most mammals, even pets are motivated by food, which can be used to your advantage while training your pet. 

    You might be wondering how you can get your pet used to the idea of being rewarded with a treat. We have a simple way. Dogs are eager to please their paw-rents, so giving your dog a dog biscuit as a treat for a particular behavior may motivate them to repeat the same, expecting the reward again. While the attention span of cats is comparatively short, you can reward your cat with some cat food or meo creamy treats while she scratches the scratch-post instead of you or a couch reinforcing this behavior.

    Sometimes, pet parents unintentionally encourage their pet’s bad behavior by giving them a treat to quieten the chaos, but this might lead to the pet displaying the same behavior again, expecting a reward. 

  • Health Benefits
  • Treats have a lot of health benefits associated with them, particularly natural treats. You can use treats to strengthen your pet’s immunity as many natural treats are full of nutrients, antibiotics, and hormone-free, fulfill your pooch’s protein needs, and are great for digestion. Giving your pet natural treats promotes their physical and psychological well-being, healthier skin and coat, and improved cognitive function while being easy on your pocket.

    Natural treats can have a calming effect on your pet as well as on you if you give your pet their treat while you have yours escaping their puppy eyes.

  • Better Oral Health
  • Most pets hate getting their teeth brushed(not because they cannot brush their own), so chewy treats are a better and tastier way to take better care of your pet's oral health. Not only do these treats keep your pet occupied for a long time, but also help with their chewing urge. Many chewy treats contain safe breath fresheners that help rid your dog’s bad breath. Hard dogsee chews require a lot of chewing that strengthens their teeth, gums, and jaw while removing plaque and tartar from their teeth. Chewy treats like calcium bone for dogs or bones for puppy(s) are especially effective for teething puppies as it helps with their teething pain. 

    Monitor your doggo while having the chew so it does not become a choking hazard in your absence. 

  • Comfort in your absence  
  • Feeding your pet treats from your hand helps to improve the bond between you and your pet. Hand-feeding your pet can help in creating a safe and comfortable environment for your pet. 

    Giving your pet a chewy time-consuming treat while leaving them on their own might keep them busy for a while and distract them from separation anxiety. Hiding treats for your furry friend will keep them occupied while you are out. Doing so can create a positive association with you leaving your pet and keep them entertained for an extended period.

    Some tips

    • Isn’t it surprising how your pet knows it the instant you open their treat bag/container, even when they are on the other side of the house or sleeping? You can take advantage of your pet's superpower by confidently asking them to be quiet and making them sit for the treat. After having their attention, you can give them a whiff of the treat and ask them to take it gently from you and appreciate them if they do it successfully or show some progress.

    • It is crucial to keep introducing different treats to your pet to ensure they do not get bored by eating the same. Also, It is important to remember to give your pet treats within a limit that should not exceed 10% of their daily calorie intake. 


    We hope you are persuaded now that treats are best for your pet, or well looking at your fur baby's puppy eyes might do the trick. We know you want what is best for your pet, and so do we. So, get the best treat for your dog, from jerkies, chews, bones,  biscuits, and cookies to strips, creamy, crunchy, flavourful treats for your cat from PETZZING.